From the day you were dropped off on this rotating gas bubble in the middle of outer nowhere, you’ve been going through a process of deep conditioning. For some reason, humans were created in such a way that we only learn by observation, and at the earliest stages of life…

find your passion and find your purpose — Tinashe Hwande

I want you to begin by creating a list of 5 things you would trade your life for…I’ll wait.

If you’re a living breathing human my guess is that your list consisted of the following…

  1. Nothing
  2. Nothing!
  3. Nothing!!
  4. Nothing!!!

Why is it so difficult to consciously find something you…

What if I told you is that out of every group of 10, 8.5 …

Closer to Om

Your entire life should be a passion project. I am here to guide you into that passion by helping you find your Purpose and giving you the confidence to follow

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